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Patio Cleaning: Top Tips

All patios require regular maintenance to keep them looking in tip top shape, this is why our team at Rejuvenate Hard Floor Restoration & Cleaning have put together a few of our top patio cleaning tips to help you keep on top of it.

Don’t Let Debris Build Up – During the damp clod weather autumn debris can quickly and easily build up, it can be quite the job removing them and it can also cause damage and staining. Use a natural bristle outdoor brush to clear and debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt. You can use water to rinse the area before cleaning it and give the area a good de-weed.

Plan Ahead – It is best to give your patio a good deep clean during the warmer months, this will allow the patio to dry quicker meaning there is less chance of algae spreading and time for a sealant to be applied. Spring is probably the best time of year for this as you can get rid of the winter debris build up sooner which helps to prevent damage and organic growth.

Safety – Wear eye protection and gloves if you are working with a jet wash or bleach, be mindful of slippery surfaces as well, if you first, declutter the area you are working in then there will be less chance of tripping hazards.

Method – Weeds and mold need to be removed to prevent damage. Don’t use wire brushes as this can damage and scuff your patio. he different materials of your patio will affect your method of cleaning, so make sure to research appropriate methods and evaluate how fragile the area is.

Check For Damage - You can use a power washer to get the weather damage stains out, just be mindful of cracks and weak areas in your patio and paving mortar. You want to avoid causing further damage or using too much force on weak stone, so check the joints between the slabs as you go to identify areas in need of repairs or re-pointing.

Use treatment and Seal – When you pressure wash your patio it can become more prone to algae, lichen, moss, and various fungi as they are attracted to moisture, so it is important to use a treatment and seal the area after a clean. Not only will this make your patio last longer, but it will enhance the look of it as well as protecting it from costly damage.

Patio cleaning can be labour intensive and quite a complex process if you don’t know what you’re doing so why not call out the professionals? Contact Rejuvenate Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration today for a free no obligation patio cleaning quotation - 07811 589 243

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