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Hardwood Floor Room

Wooden Floor Cleaning High Wycombe

Here at Rejuvenate we specialise in wooden floor cleaning in High Wycombe and surrounding areas. A deep clean can be the best way to restore your wooden floors and make them look shiny, new once again. This process will not only remove any dirt or stains from long-time wear but it also removes surface oils that have built up on top of old waxes which, over time which give off an unpleasant odour!

Here at Rejuvenate we have the best products and equipment available to help restore your wooden floor to a high quality finish. Having your wooden floor restored and cleaned will also help seal the wood so you get a longer life from your floor.

Oil treatments also give wooden flooring a stunning finish that shows off the beauty and warmth of natural wood. But over time, especially in high traffic areas, this oil can wear off leaving hardwood susceptible to damage from dust or liquid spillages which soak into the material causing damage and staining. A regular professional clean will keep your wooden floor looking beautiful while protecting it for years to come.

If you are interested in any of our wooden flooring restoration, rejuvenation or cleaning services then contact us today for a free no obligation quotation on 07811 589 243.

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