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Hard Floor Cleaning Tips

Hard Floor Cleaning Tips

Have you ever wondered how the professionals get your hard floor looking like new and you just can’t seem to replicate the results yourself at home? Read on for our top tips to help you achieve a gleaming clean on your hard floors.

Aside from the professional equipment that us hard floor cleaners use you can get your hard floors looking fresh and clean with some of our simple top tips.

Top Hard Floor Cleaning Tips

1. Regularly vacuum your hard floors to help keep dust and dirt to a minimum, this will give the dust less time to settle.

2. Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum for your hard floors to avoid getting scratches on wooden floors and tiles. Using the vacuum instead of just sweeping ensures that the dust is collected instead of being moved around and pushed into the air ready to settle again later.

3. If you have wooden floors then regular waxing will restore the oils that give it its shine, it is recommended that you have wooden floors re-waxed every 12-18 months.

4. In high traffic areas you should put down a washable rug or matt, this will trap dust and dirt and also help to avoid irreparable wear.

5. To remove any rubber marks left on tiles you can create a smooth paste using 2 tablespoons of baking soda and some warm water. Use this to gently rub over the marks until they disappear. To remove rubber marks from a wood floor a pencil eraser may do the trick, if this fails then there are hardwood flooring rubbers that you can buy that will do the same job.

If you have tried out these tips and your floors are still not quite up to scratch, then its time to call out the professionals. Regular professional hard floor cleans can keep your flooring looking like new for many years.

To find out more about our hard floor cleaning services or to book a hard floor clean contact Rejuvenate Hard Floor Restoration and Cleaning - 07811 589 243

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