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Kitchen with Marble Island

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Beaconsfield

Rejuvenate Hard Floor Cleaning is the leading company in Beaconsfield for  for vinyl and linoleum flooring.  We can restore lino or rubberized surfaces to look like new as well as providing a sealant that will keep your floors cleaner and looking fresher for longer between cleans.

When your floors start looking dull and dirty and you can spot small particles of dirt that have become engrained within the vinyl or lino, a complete restoration and rejuvenation of these areas will make your flooring look as clean and hygienic as when it was first laid.

Our experience extends to the deep cleaning of vinyl kitchen flooring in Beaconsfield, bathroom and linoleum flooring in all other areas of the home. Using the best vinyl floor cleaning products available on the market and working the highest possible standards, we deliver professional results and leave floors gleaming and well-protected.

If you require any of our vinyl floor cleaning and restoration services in Beaconsfield or even if you would just like some advice then please contact us today on 07811 589 243. 

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